Philosophy and Inspiration


The philosophy behind Bach Jewellery and &Imagine is Friendship and Love.

We wish for our customers, that they will be able to give a piece of jewellery, that their loved-ones remembers and thinks about in the future.

The &Imagine bracelets is the key elements of the collections. The &Imagine bracelets are Uni-Sex Mens/Ladies Bracelets, that can be worn by all ages who wants a life in ballance.

The positive mindset and attitude seen by Family, Friends, Relatives and other inspirational people, is in our opinion, the greatest driving force and inspiration that can be achieved for all humans on earth.

-All the best for the ones You love ...



Behind the Design


In the &Imagine "Classic" collection there is a black Agath in each bracelet. From the significance of gemmology, this stone gives the owner awareness of how important each individual is on earth and that the power of the Agath stone will strengthen and protect the owner in thinking pure and positive thoughts. The philosophy of the bracelet is to turn negative thoughts into positive.

The rest of the story is added by the carrier who is the lucky owner of a &Imagine bracelet.


Just Imagine ....





Bach Jewellery and the &Imagine brand was founded in Hellerup/Copenhagen in 2008. The vision was to create a bracelet concept that meets the consumer's demands for high quality, accurate pricing, innovation, functionality and at the same time -timeless design.

Since 2008, the first collection - &Imagine Classic - has been sold through the company Kranz & Ziegler all over Denmark in Danish jewellery stores.

In 2015 the &Imagine brand became independent and the original designer Nikolai Bach-Andersen took over all the legal rights regarding Pat. Pending etc. The concept is a multi-functional bracelet system where Danish design and functionality ends up in a beautiful piece of jewellery.


Individual - Stylish - Danish Design