ISABELLA The pendant was originally created for the Royal Danish Princess Isabella in April 2007. Symbolizes the story of the "The Princess on the Pea" by Hans Christian Andersen. BA-N-004-OXY = Oxyderet/forfyldt Sølv

1 200,00 DKK

GNARLY PENDANT Gnarly Pendant - Clear hand-carved mountain crystal mounted in a setting which is organic in expression & inspired by the roots of nature. Matches the Gnarly earrings Petit / Grande and Gnarly Ring BA-N-003-S = Sølv BA-N-003-OXY = Oxyderet sølv BA-N-003-8k = 8 Karat

1 200,00 DKK

ROYALTY NECKLACE Organic pendant decorated with the Special cut black Jade. Presented as a gift to HKH Crown Princess Mary in 2017.

9 800,00 DKK

IMAGINE GNARLY PENDANT The Imagine Gnarly pendant can also be worn on a Imagine bracelet as a charm. The Gnarly expression is inspired by the roots of nature. BA-N-010-S = Silver BA-N-010-8K = 8K

5 200,00 DKK
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